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Jie Deng

Storyboard & concept artist


+1 (415) -717- 5922


A Bit About Me

J. Deng is an exceptional artist specializing in concept art and storyboards for animation and graphic novels. In her 3 years at Stela, she's been an integral part of over seven projects, including Lumi White, Perfect Timing, Alyan and the lamp, Lucha and the wolf. She loves analyzing movies and TV shows so she can find new ways to create engaging and heartfelt stories. J is also a bird lover, she has two conures (Suika and Peachy) and one cockatiel (Omelette). In her free time, she loves playing video games and cooking. ​ J. will be happy to onboard your next new project!

Work Experience

Freelance Storyboard Artist

Jan 2020 - Present


May 2016 - Aug 2020


Jul - Aug 2016

Produce and deliver storyboard sequences and storyboard revisions

upon request by clients. Projects including animation shorts, independent films, etc.

• Collaborate with multiple teams and meet the Director’s needs, solving different problems and making solutions based on stories and concepts.
• Created sets of storyboards for three long-running titles include “Lumi White”, “Lucha and the Wolf” and “Perfect timing” and many other shorts in the studio.

“Lumi White” ― Developing storyboard, concept, story arc, script. “Perfect Timing” ― Developing storyboard and script editing.
“Lucha and The Wolf”― Conceptualize, world development and character design, and presentation finalized sketches to illustration and trailer.

Freelance Character Designer
• Develop and create characters for a kid's show.

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